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 Thank you for taking the time to email us, but before you send the email, please read a little bit about how we operate.

– We are a very eclectic venue, and are not what you would expect from Nashville. We are far from the country bars and rowdy crowds from Broadway. We cater more to Nashville’s eclectic scene. Most of our shows are put on by local musicians who are more alternative to the standard country music scene Nashville is accustomed to seeing.

– We do not typically accept requests from cover bands/artists, or out of town artists unless there is also a strong local support, or a tour package. We also never add a band/artist to an existing bill as most of our shows are put together by local booking agencies, or local bands.

– We do not accept requests from aggressive styles of music, such as heavy hardcore bands, aggressive punk or aggressive rap.
Enlightened Hip-hop, pop-punk, or post hardcore is normally fine.
(Please No Moshing/Spin-kicks/Scene-Core/Songs promoting violence)

– All our shows are all ages

– We have a standard $100 fee for all our bookings at Coco’s Italian Cafe. This provides the room use for 3 hours, and a sound person during this time. Any longer requests over the 3 hour time slot requires an extra $25 per hour fee. This will provide you with access to the room, and a sound person with over 16 years of professional experience.

– The fee is non-negotiable, and must be paid regardless of the cover charge, or attendance.

– We have been known as one of the best sounding rooms in all of Nashville. And this is from countless touring and local musicians. We also have some of the most kind and helpful sound people in the country.

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