Singer/Songwriter Night Information

Every Tuesday and Thursday night, Cafe Coco hosts its Singer/Songwriter night.

Our Singer/Songwriter night has been a staple in Nashville for over 16 years. We deliver one of the best experiences for local and traveling musicians Nashville has to offer. We strive for a musical environment that is supportive, and welcoming to new musicians as well as the seasoned professional. We are defiantly more of a “listening room environment” than a typical songwriter night. We have been hosting the Cafe Coco singer/songwriter night family for over 14 years.  We will do everything in our power to make sure your experience at Cafe Coco is a pleasure.
Now, for the Code of Conduct!

1 – Music starts at 8pm, and lasts until about 10pm
2 – Sign-up starts at 7pm, and lasts until 7:30pm the day of the event.
3 – We are all ages, and accept musicians of any age to perform.
4 – Normally each artists gets two or fewer songs depending on how many performers sign up to play.
5 – Be ready, in the room, and IN TUNE before you play. During your set, if you are out of tune, take the time to re-tune. We want you sounding your best. No pressure!
6 – Understand that we are a business as well as a venue for your music. Please do what you can to help support Cafe Coco by buying something and remember to tip the bartenders/host.
7 – This is not a practice space, and if you do not know your songs, please do not play them here. Please come back when you are more prepared.
8 – We do not allow musicians to play along to prerecorded musical tracks. (No CDs or iPod/iPhone playback tracks)
9 – We do not allow full bands with drums, amps, or any abrasive styles of music. (Please leave your drum sets, distorted guitar amps and screaming vocals at home.)
10 – We do not allow Poetry, Spoken word, Storytelling, or Comedy at our Songwriters night.
11 – We do not allow cussing on stage. This is an all ages family event. Using such language will cause me to stop your set.
12 – Yes, You can play cover songs.
13 – Please practice and tune your instruments outside of the performance area while musicians are on stage. This is rude and causes a distraction.
14 – Please do not play along to performances while in the audience. This includes using the tables as drums.
15 – No Heckling, and keep your voices down when musicians are on stage. Failure to respect this rule will cause the host to ask you to leave.
16 – If you seem too intoxicated/inebriated to perform, the host reserves the right to ask you not to play.
17 – Please keep each song to fewer than 5 minutes.
18 – Please do not borrow someone’s instrument. If you were not planning to play, and you just dropped in unprepared, please come back next time with your own instrument.
19 – Be kind, respect others, and remember to cheer on your fellow musicians!

Failure to respect our rules will bar you from playing Cafe Coco again, and in extreme situations, might get you banned.