Our Performance Area

Our event space at Café Coco can accommodate just about any style of event. For years we have hosted Acoustic Singer/Songwriter nights, Comedy nights, and Rock bands. All of our events are also all ages with discretion, and sometimes there will be a cover charge.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the nature of Cafe Coco, we do not host HardCore, Punk, or Metal bands. We also do not host aggressive rap shows. (Sorry) Most of our events are acoustic singer/songwriter events, and lighter rock/emo shows.

Although our stage is small, we can accommodate bands of all sizes. We regularly have 4-5 piece bands with large half-stack amps and drum sets play on our stage.

Our events can hold 60 people capacity seated, and 100 people capacity standing.

Our Sound System
We have a high wattage front of house EAW and JBL sound system with QSC power. We have 2-18” JBL 4645C Subs, and 2 EAW UB82E speakers. Our monitor system is 2 Yamaha SM12V Monitors with QSC power.

We offer many different mics from Shure. Our standard Vocal mics are the SM58, and we use SM57’s on most everything else. We also have drum mics, and we use the Beta 52a, or the AKG D112 on the kick. Our sound board is an Allen and Heath Mixwizard3 16:2. 16 channels, pro mixing board. We also have signal processing from such companies as DBX, ART and Spectra Sonics.

Our sound people have been told they are some of the best in the country by crowds and musicians alike, and will do their best to make your experience Café Coco audibly great.